Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Argan Oil

I realise my blog has been very nail orientated recently which is easily done for me! Here is a good old fashioned review, no nails at all. Well just a slight mention.

A few weeks ago I did my hair care week and asked for some people to request some products. Argan Oil was one of them so here is my review.

After reading up on moroccan argan oil, it sounded like it was the cure to everything! Good for skin, hair, nails and pretty much anything else. Having not really heard of argan Oil, I headed to Boots to find that there are actually TONS of different brands that supply the stuff! Ranging at about £6, I chose the one pictured below by organix, as it was the most simple, without anything else added.

Having read that argan oil stimulates hair growth and promotes healthy hair I was excited to see the effects. I have been spritzing the ends of my hair with the oil for about 6 weeks now and there is still loads left! The smell is really lovely but I feel like it doesn't really get into my hair, and kind of rests on the surface. I like a product to feel like its working, and with a hair oil I was expecting to get an instant glossy feel to the ends of my hair, and with this I just didn't. I know I have mentioned this product in a few posts now, but the Caudalie divine oil has argan oil within it, as well as grape extracts and other ingredients  When I have that on my hair, it really feels like its doing something and the smell is just amazing.

With the argan Oil  I don't know whether it is down to it being a spray so maybe coverage isn't fantastic. I haven't noticed growth but my hair does seem to be healthy and I have less split ends. I imagine that the more money you spend on argan oil, then the better your experience will be. You have to remember that my hair is really thick so I don't want to write off argan oil, as it such a well known and ancient beauty product that has been recommended by magazines and word of mouth for years. What doesn't work for me may work wonders for others. As is stands, did I like argan oil? Yes. Would I buy it again? No... But I would accept it as a present.