Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pop Art Nails

A nail art design that has always stuck out to me, is the Roy Lichtenstein inspired pop art nails. I have seen them in my Wah Nails nail art book, and I have wanted to try them for ages. Last weekend, I managed to get tickets to go up and see the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition in the flesh at the Tate Modern. Without sounding like an art buff, I was actually surprised to see a lot of pictures no one knows about, and all the different phases of artistry. Obviously the most famous are the damsel in distress' and action shots with all the dots and closeups. These nails are inspired by those, but I also want to try some other Lichtenstein inspired nails later on!

I really enjoyed the exhibition and due to that, I wanted to do my nails extra special to pay tribute. I chose the colours really carefully and tried to get them as close to the real thing as possible. He uses a lot of primary colours, and I thought the colours most similar to the ones he used, are the bright new Chilli and Spice colours by Mavala I blogged about a while ago. (read here) The bright red, sea green and navy blue matched perfectly, and I used the Barry M lemon for yellow. I even added a matte coat on top to get a real comic book effect. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did doing them!

Base Coat - Leighton Denney all for one
Red - Cuzco by Mavala
Green - Bamako by Mavala
Blue- Trinidad by Mavala
Yellow - Lemon by Barry M

Detailing - Models Own Nail art pens
Matte Top Coat - Rimmel