Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ombre Hair

I recently decided to jump onto the ombre hair band  wagon (eventually!) and thought it may be quite a useful post do write about! I used the L'oreal wild ombre kit, and this is how it went.

I used the kit for dark blonde hair to give the ends a light blonde effect as I didn't want anything to dramatic. The kit comes with all the neccessary dye, gloves and a little brush that will become your best friend. I would recommend doing it on unwashed, well brushed hair before you do it, as the brush will go through a lot easier that way. I would also suggest maybe having a friend to watch over to make sure your equal all the way round. The process is really easy! You simply part your hair and do one side at a time just pouring the dye into the brush, and brushing from where you want the colour change to start. The brush enables you to have a gradual fade into the new colour, rather than a dead straight line. For a more intense colour, you leave it as long as 45 mins but obviously it up to you how long you leave it for your desired effect.


 For around £6.00, I would really recommend the kit as it is really
easy to use and doesn't take too long. I would suggest starting a bit lower and gradually moving up if you are a bit unsure of how high you want your dip dye to go.