Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Neon VS Pastel

This summer, neon is the trend of the moment. It stormed London fashion week and it is now an essential. Pastels have always been a summer favorite, and are a subtle way to make your hands look pretty and sun kissed for summer.
Models Own have done both ranges, and I want to know which YOU will be wearing this summer??

Neon is a very bold way to get yourself noticed, but as I said before, it is the trend of the summer. The Models Own range of polishes are bold, bright, and beautiful. The green and yellow colours are definitely the  colours you'd have to be brave with. the purple is actually not too in your face and quite pretty, and the pink and orange are both pretty toxic, but I absolutely LOVE them all. I probably wouldn't wear them all together, but I think individually you would make just as much as an impact.

The Models Own pastel collection are really somthing special. Not only are they really pretty bright pastel shades, they are also SCENTED! You may ask why you would want scented nail polish, and quite honestly I don't really know why, but if you can, then you may as well! The scents are subtle and actually do smell of what they're meant too. They are not overpowering so you won't feel sick every time you waft your hand past your face. I think the fruit pastel range is really cool and I also LOVE these too.

So please comment and let me know which is YOUR favourite and why!

*I bought these nail varnishes myself