Monday, 6 May 2013

Ren BB Cream

The new Ren BB cream launches TOMORROW and I would strongly advise people go out there and get it! For £26.00, it's not the cheapest BB cream on the market, but Ren is a all natural brand that contains no parabens or nasty ingredients that can cause trouble, plus it is a very large size so it will last a while!

So what IS a BB cream? I get asked this question a lot at work so I will explain to you too. BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm, which aims to mattify, protect, moisturise, even skin tone, and add radiance. It basically does what a foundation does, but feels as lightweight as a moisturiser.

So what makes the Ren BB cream different to other BB creams? Well, the Ren cream is silicone free so will not block pores therefore having an anti-oxidant effect. It also firms and tones the skin whilst on your face creating an anti-aging effect. The cream contains an SPF 15 and leaves the skin feeling satin soft. With some other BB creams I have tried it has left a slight tacky feeling whereas this one feels flawless. This cream also has clever skin colour adaptive technology which sounds like rubbish, but myself and some of my friends from work all tried it, and it matched up to everyones skin tone. At the moment it is only light to medium so obviously on very dark skin it may not work as well, but I don't know whether that is somthing Ren will work on.

Pictured below are my hands, the left hand with nothing on and the right hand with the BB cream on. The cream evens out any blotchy patches of skin, whilst giving it a healthy hint of colour.

I also used the flash to show its mattifying effect.

I think the cream is a definite must have for the summer if you want all the benefits from wearing foundation, but none of the heaviness. It feels so nice on the skin and feels really moisturing. I think this would be £26.00 well spent.