Tuesday, 14 May 2013

O.P.I Bond Girls Collection

I have been so excited about this collection, and it finally arrived at work today! I was over the moon when I saw the box! The 50 Year anniversary of Bond has caused merchandise overload for the Bond films, and it does not stop at nails! The collection is all liquid sand, which I think reflects the pretty but edgy side that comes with being a Bond girl. I do not know a lot about Bond, so have done a bit of research into the Bond girls to see how they influenced the collection.


Solitaire is a pale white, with little bits of silver glitter. This colour reflects the whimsical side of Solitare, and the white colour reflects her virginal status, which draws Bond in to seduce her. 

Pussy Galore

Pussy Galore is a pale pink with glittery shimmers. Pussy Galore was written as a lesbian in the Bond books, but she also has her girly and pretty side which this pinky shade connects with.

Tiffany Case

Tiffany Case is a deep, electric blue with pale blue glitter. Tiffany Case is described as being a ditzy, yet playful diamond smuggler, which this colour reflects. The bright blue is a playful shade.


Vesper is the famous Bond girl who really gets Bond to fall for her. She betrays him which ultimately leads to her death which  gives this colour its morbid dark tone. Vesper is said to be named so, because she was born on a dark and stormy night. The colour when it is on, is a deep purple colour, and the sand looks really chunky and dark on top of it. This colour is one of my favorites.

Honey Ryder

Honey Ryder is that Bond girl famously known for walking out of the sea in her white bikini, looking all sunkissed and beautiful. This colour really reflects this scene, and the sand effect mirrors the white sand on the beach she walks on.


Another famous beach scene is when Halle Berry walks out from the water, with her bright orange bikini on. This colour is another of my favourites, and it has a real glittery effect with light pinks and hints of gold. 

These swatches give a much better idea of what the colours look like out of the bottle. These are really lovely summer shades, and the liquid sand effect is right on trend at the moment! O.P.I polishes cost around £11.50 but the bottle is huge and will last you ages.

(Also, the nail polish I am wearing in this post is 'South Beach Pink' by Mavala)

*I do not own these colours.