Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dr Hauschka

A few weeks ago I was sent on some training in London to get to know a bit more about Dr Hauschka. Its a brand that has been in the department I work in for a while, and people come in and buy tons of it and never buy any other brand again. To be honest, I never really got what the fuss was about so I was quite excited to learn a bit more about the products.

The brand itself has some interesting theories about ingredients and the way our skin works. Its a pretty hippy company, that love fair trade natural ingredients and that come from all over the world. They also talk about the rhythms of the environment and how we should work with them in really intense environments, so they work their best. This all sounded very good to me, and I have to say the woman lecturing about the products had the most amazing skin I've ever seen, and she was quite a mature lady! I must also mention that Jennifer Aniston was quoted in their booklet saying she'd grown up with the stuff, so that also made me want to know a bit more as well!

At the end of the training I received a little tin containing their daily skin care products which retails at £17.95. This is how I have been getting on with them.

Cleansing Cream- This cleanser is a Dr Hauschka must have, but some people are a little put off by it. Being an entirely natural brand without perfumes etc. some products can be a bit choice when it comes to smell. When I first saw the brown paste come out, my eyes and nose were telling me not to put it on my face. If you give it a chance though and let it do its job, it really is quite pleasant! The chamomile, calendula, athyllis and almond meal don't smell too great, but the mix of these soothing ingredients helps balance the natural PH of your skin. It has quite a lumpy texture but if you press it into the skin rather than scrub it, it will lift up any dirt from your face. It leaves your skin feeling touch-ably smooth and really clean. Trust me when I say not to judge it by its appearance!

Cleansing Milk- If the cream doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then the milk may be more up your street. Its a much more normal and recognisable consistancy, and its very soft and soothing. The milk also removes makeup so is great as an evening cleanser. It is made from jojoba and sweet almond oils.

Facial Toner- One thing you should know about Dr Hauschka, is that he doesn't believe in a night cream! This is super controversial in the world of beauty, as a lot of ranges have a cream for night time use only. Whilst we sleep, our skin works really really hard to balance and renew itself, and Dr Haushchka believes we should not slap on a heavy cream when it is already at work. The facial toner is the alternate, as it balances the skin and is super lightweight. The toner comes in a spritz bottle and as they're award winning product, they recommend to just spritz it on your face whenever you get a chance, as it helps the natural oils and maintains elasticity.

Moisturising Day Cream- We are now onto the moisturisers in the range, and the moisturising day cream is the simple starter moisturiser which activates moisture in the skin. Again, the smell is quite strong and slightly clinical, but once it has sunk into the skin, you can't smell it at all. This is my favourite of the three I was given, as it goes into the skin easily, and feels very moisturising. For me, the consistency could be a little thicker as I felt I had to use quite a lot, but once on, I was happy with the results.

Rose Day Cream- The rose day cream is ideal for anyone with dry, red skin, as it is a reparative and calming moisturiser. For me, this cream was way to thick, and I do suffer from fairly dry skin. The answer to this is the 'rose day cream light', which does the exact same thing, but just has a thinner consistency which I think I would prefer.

Quince Day Cream- Finally, the quince day cream is a protective cream made from beeswax. It isn't designed for a skin type in particular, its just a protective cream for the colder months perhaps.

Although it wasn't in this tin, there is also another cream called Melissa Day Cream, which is designed for combination skin. It is not in here because there is an entirely different tin for oily/combination skin which you can find here. Dr Hauschka is also in high demand due to its makeup range. Unfortunately I have not been able to try it but please let me know if you have!

Is natural face care something you want to try? Does Dr Hauschka sound like something you'd be interested in?