Monday, 27 May 2013

Colour Change Nail Varnish Part II

I seriously underestimated this colour change polish malark. If you read my previous post, then I only really explored the fact that the colour change polish reacted to hot and cold water. I found the days following this post, the polish started changing colour according to my body heat. In the picture below you can see I am holding a glass of wine which cooled down one hand, and therefore changed the colour of the polish. 

I even ran my hand through my hair after straightening it, and you could see the thin lines from where the hot strands of hair had been. Its pretty impressive stuff! It also looks like gradient effect when its half way through changing so its a great verastile polish, if like me, you like to change things up!

I also said in my previous post I had some other brands I wanted to try. These two colours are from 'Special Fx'

In terms of colour, I much prefer the 'Yling Mood Change' varnish I spoke about in my previous post. These colours are a little flat, and the orange one has a glittery shimmer to it which I am not a fan of. The colour change is not as dramatic as the previous polish either. The orange one is a more noticeable change from orange to yellow, but the metallic blue only goes slightly lighter.

These colours did provoke some creativity in me though, as I decided the colour change look like a sunrise and a sunset. For a while now I have wanted to do a sky-line nail art design, and this made me do it!

In the picture below, I dipped the end two fingers into hot water, to make it look as if the sun was setting from the left, going into night, then on the next hand rising up again into daylight. Kind of like a panoramic sun movement.

In this picture I dunked the ends into hot water to try and get a gradient effect from bottom to top.

I was not as impressed with these polishes as I was the last one, however they were slightly cheaper at £4.50 a bottle. They have more selection of colours but the colour change was not dramatic enough for me.
I do like how it provoked me to do my sky line idea though!