Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ombre Lips

Ombre has been the trend of 2012/2013, from hair to nails. A new trend I have noticed emerging, is ombre lips. The first time I saw this,was on the Illamasqua website when researching their duck egg polish I reviewed a while ago. The ombre lip is just as you'd think, dark on the outside, and lighter towards the middle of the lip. It's quite an unusual look so probably wouldn't be something you'd do everyday, but for a special occasion, I would definitely recommend trying it, plus its all good fun!

For this look, I used Rimmel '04' from the Kate Moss collection for the purple colour, and for the pink, 'Stormy Pink' by Revlon which is one of my favourite lip colours ever!

To start, line your lips, and put the darker colour round the edge of your lips. It doesn't have to be to neat.

Using a lip brush, sweep the colour into the middle of your lips.

Lastly, use your lighter colour, brush the colour into the middle of the lips and blend between the two colours.

For a less dramatic look, or a more daytime option, use lighter colours.

For this look, I used Mac's 'Chilli', and the Helen E 'Caribbean', which I recieved in a Glossy Box a while back.

For more information and a video tutorial, click here for the Illamasqua colour chooser and tutorial