Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Colour Change Nail Varnish

I have recently started to see a new trend coming out in the nail world, which is colour change polish. I have been researching them for a while, and found that they are really only established in America at the moment. The main companies that do it in the US are 'Ruby Wing' and 'In the Mood'. I managed to find a few sites over here where I could buy some. I have bought a few colours and I was very skeptical that they would actually work. They most CERTAINLY did not dissapoint!

This nail polish is 'Ylin Mood change' varnish, which I got from www.bornprettystore.com for $7.84 which is  about £5.17.

The colour at room temperature is purple

but in hot water, it goes blue

To see it in action, please see the video below.

The cool thing about this polish (pardon the pun), is that you can get really wacky effects in and out of water. Ok, it does not last but it is something you can do to show your friends!

Some of you may be asking "but why?" and my answer is, I don't really know why. My only solution for such a amazing but pointless polish, is to take it on holiday with you. You could co-ordinate your polish with your swimwear so it matches when your in the water, and when your out. Sad? Yes. But are you all going to do it? Probably.

The only downside to this polish, is that without a top coat it cracks, so make sure you put an extra protective layer of top coat on these to make them last! I have got a couple more colours to show you from other brands but I was just way too excited about this I had to get it up online!