Monday, 26 August 2013

Neal's Yard Training

Last week I went up to Covent Garden London for some Neal's Yard training. Neal's Yard is the most surreal and beautiful place! If you ever get the opportunity to go I suggest you do! Its a small little community in a courtyard full of flowers and wacky cafes that you would never believe was in the centre of London. It has it's own cafe, juice bar, and cheese shop, all naturally and organically derived, much like the skincare's motto. I really liked the place so this post is quite picture heavy!

Shop entrance 

Neal's Yard school on top of the Neal's Yard shop
Inside the shop. There is a wall of jars filled with plants and ingredients.

The Courtyard

Panoramic view of the courtyard.

The actual training was really interesting. We were told all about the back ground of Neal's Yard and how they work towards being organic and economical. We had a little tray of testers in front of us so we could try all the products we were being told about. All Neal's Yard products are made in Devon by 3 people so it is a totally British company.

Some products I really want to try for myself are the wild rose beauty balm, the rose and mallow moisturiser and the beauty sleep concentrate. We were also told about the new Frankincense Intense moisturiser that launches on the 28th August. It is a totally natural moisturiser but with the results of chemical creams on the market that cost an absolute fortune. Using nature and science they have create the ultimate anti wrinkle cream, that have had visible results! This will be attached to there Frankincense range that is already out. 

 Another new item to the shop is the Bee Lovely try me set. A long while ago I did a post about the hand cream from this range that I absolutely loved! It smells of orange and honey and is my favourite hand cream of all time, and the range also contributes money to saving the bees from harmful pesticides that can kill them. I really suggest buying the try me kit so you can experience it's freshness.

I couldn't resist adding to my collection so bought the Bee Lovely lip balm which is a real luxury. For £6 it is quite a lot but it is a really soothing lip balm with the same incredible smell. It almost turns into a oil as soon as the warmth of your skin touches it, and it can be also used as a cuticle cream.

 I was also lucky enough to get given a full size hand lotion from attending the training.

 As I said, I would really recommend going to visit Neal's Yard just to escape the hustle and bustle of the London streets, and to escape into a natural wonderland.