Thursday, 22 August 2013

This Works Skin Care

A few months ago, a representative for 'This Works' came into the shop I work in to give us some product training and to give us a bit of information about the brand. As a little gift, she gave me the 'Perfect Skin Super Moisture' to say thank you for listening, and to let me have a go of the products. I was running out of cleanser at the time, so I thought I would buy their 'gentle cleanser', so I had a proper experience of the brand.

The brand was created in 2003 by Kathy Phillips, who spent seven years at Vogue as Health and Beauty Director. She saw so many brands go into the magazine but wanted to create something herself, that was modern and natural. The brand has a panel of 50 women who test each product before it comes out, and they will not launch the product until all 50 women agree, 'This Works'. As a natural brand it contains no parabens, sulphates or synthetics, and uses organic plants for their products.

The 'Clean Skin Gentle Cleanser' I bought contains Roship, vitamin A, Frankincense (an anti aging ingredient) and Eucalyptus. I really love this cleanser as it removed makeup really well, including eye makeup. It left my skin really hydrated and I could go to bed without using any moisturiser which I quite like, as I find it a bit heavy when I go to bed. For £19.00 its quite reasonably priced for a high end cleanser, and I really would recommend it due to its luxurious feel. I've had it for a few months now, and there are no signs of it running out anytime soon, although the bottle is white plastic so I can't see what is inside! I'm not great at cleaning my face every day but I enjoy doing it when I use this cleanser.

The 'Perfect Skin Super Moisture' is a daily moisturiser with a built in serum, which means it protects the skin on the outside, and further down. I personally found it a little hard to rub into the skin, and that it absorbed quite quickly before I could get it all over my face. Again, rose is quite a heavy component to the moisturiser with is evening primrose oil, but it also has vitamin C, blackcurrant, walnut and shea butter. The representative gave this product to me as she said it was perfect for my age. It's very hydrating but also has anti ageing properties. The life span on the moisturiser was not as good as the cleanser but it still lasted me a good two months of morning and night application which isn't bad for £22.50.

Both products smell quite strongly of rose which I am not usually keen on as I find it quite a dusty scent, but I have overcome the smell and just have two products I enjoy using.