Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dior Overcurl Mascara

The fateful day that my Dior Overcurl Mascara ran out occured a few weeks ago, and it is only now that I feel I can review it now the sadness has dampened. As you can probably tell, I really loved this mascara. It was lightweight, easy to wear and did exactly what it said on the bottle. 

The Dior Overcurl is the newest of the Dior mascaras, and lengthens and curls lashes, but in a very subtle and natural way. I don't like lashes that look over the top and I'm not a huge fan of clumping either. This mascara was perfect for coating each individual lash, and its thick wand made it very easy to apply to every corner of the eye. For £23.00 it isn't a mascara I could buy all the time, but it certainly is a luxury product I will miss.