Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cartoon Nails

If any of you 'like' my Facebook page (and you should! Link here), then you would have seen I posted a picture of my latest Scratch Magazine front cover, which is a seemingly cartoon picture of a woman on the phone, slightly Roy Lichenstein-esque. However this picture is made entirely from make-up, and a bit of airbrushing I'm sure for the sharpness. Nevertheless it is pretty impressive, and the hands and nails in particularly interested me. Making something 3D look 2D is a pretty difficult task!

I tried to do something similar and create a 2D effect. I used nail pens to create shadows and highlighting with nail pens, and I used a matte top coat to create the cartoon strip effect. These reminded me of when I did pop art nails, where I used a similar concept. 

I find them quite strange and they mess with my head a bit, but it's a really easy and simple look that is really effective. Would you try it? Also, I have a new badge to put on my pictures for authenticity. Swish!