Monday, 30 September 2013

Eve Lom NEW Age Defying Smoothing Treatment

Eve Lom is a brand that I haven't written about, but has been on my list to review.
Its a British brand that have high end, luxury skin care. They're predominantly natural and have proven results due to their skin science motif. They have recently brought out they're new 'age defying smoothing treatment', which is a night time treatment that makes your skin feel like satin. It really does have a smoothing effect, and makes your skin feel flawless. It's a night time treatment so you can put it on and let it work its magic overnight so your skin feels fresh and smooth in the morning, however it has such a great smoothing effect you could use it as a primer in the day. It is an anti aging treatment so it is full of peptides and 6 naturally derived amino acids. It has been compared to a natural botox because of its noticeable plumping effects, and  It feels like it has a silicone effect due to its smoothness, but it is free of silicone and parabens so has all the power, but none of the chemicals. The highly moisturising ingredient is squalene, which is naturally derived from olives, and is identical to the squalene we naturally produce in our bodies. It is a whopping £120 a pot, but it has been advertised in magazines among anti aging creams such as Lancome and Dior, which cost nearly double the price, yet have the same anti aging effects without the harmful chemicals which is a big thumbs up from me.

They're are 90 little sachets of serum in each pot, and in each sachet there is enough for the face and neck. The serum is a oil consistency and it smells slightly of cinnamon. It absorbs really quickly into the skin so you can go straight to sleep.

For more information follow this link to see the official Eve Lom website.