Monday, 16 September 2013

Leighton Denny Autumn/Winter 2013 The Temptation Collection

The summer is officially over and now all the Autumn/Winter collections are coming into season. From the nail collections I've seen so far, shimmery metallics and pearl finish is the trend this season. I am not usually a fan of pearl or shimmer, but some of the colours I've seen have been an exception.

The Leighton Denny advertisement features its pale purple colour 'Lilac Lust' clutching some dark beads. The collection has the feel of Christmas parties and glamour.

 'Lilac Lust' looks matte in the advertisment. It actually has a very subtle silver shimmer. It's quite a simple pretty colour.

'Mutual Attraction' is a light brown colour with a silver shimmer. I'm not a huge fan of this colour, but think it would like for someone who likes subtle nails.

'Hypnotic' is one of my favourite colours. It is a blue/teal shimmer that looks like an oil spill. As I said I don't like shimmer colours, but this is one I would make an exception for!

 'Attention Seeker' reminds me slightly of the Leighton Denny colour 'Best Seller' which is a similar deep berry colour with silver glitter. 'Attention Seeker' has more gold tones to it.

'Tempt Me' is another one of the colours I quite like. This deep purple has interesting tones of gold and green, again, giving it that oil look.

'Statement Maker' is probably my least favourite colour. The silver glitter overpowers the Emerald base colour that is meant to be huge this season.

What do you think of this collection? What sorts of colours do you want to see this season?