Friday, 7 November 2014

Barry M Eyeshadow Palette

For some reason, I have recently been watching lots of makeup tutorials just before bed as I find them really soothing and relaxing. Maybe it's watching someone apply a full face of makeup when I'm lying in bed all clean, that I find so comforting, but it means I have been waking up the next morning feeling a little more inspired about what kind of new makeup looks I want too try. One in particular that stood out to me, was Emma Pickles 'Black Lip' tutorial. The black lip isn't something I will be sporting anytime soon, but I really liked the eye makeup she does, as I think it's very pretty for this time of year. A bit smokey but also quite warm.

 I'm not a very 'make-upy' person, so as amazing and beautiful some high end makeup palettes are, I can't justify spending a fortune of them as I know I won't do it the justice it deserves.

 I went into Boots the other day and spied this Barry M eyeshadow palette which is a dead ringer for the Urban Decay 'Naked 3' eye shadow collection, that had people going crazy a while ago. I think the similarity is no mistake, as the packaging and colours are incredibly similar.

I jumped to get this palette, as the red-y pomegranate colour in it, is something similar to the 'Russet' colour that Emma uses in her video, which is the colour that really drew me to that look. The colour 'Russet' is from the Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette which is $39.00, so the sort of palette I was talking about earlier that I would waste!

The Barry M Natural Glow 2 palette is actually really versatile, as it has a range of lighter and warmer tones. Number 3 is the red/pink tone I lusted after, but towards the higher numbers, there are some really nice metallics. Finally that dark number 6, is a really warm brown that can be used for a bolder look. 

Number 1 is an almost skin toned colour, which is quite handy for clean up but also for highlighting around the eye. Number 2 is a really warm mushroom grey which is nice for a more subtle everyday look.

The larger palette on the right is an eyelid primer, to make sure the colours stay put, but I personally don't think it works that well, and goes on a bit smudgey. I think a normal face primer would do a better job.

Overall, I really love the colours in this palette, however the pigment in them is not fantastic. If you are a confident eye shadow wearer who likes to build up a lot of different colours for a dramatic look, like Emma Pickles for example, then this is not the palette for you, as I imagine you will quickly become frustrated with the lack of immediate intensity, and spending a little more money on a palette may be a better option. However for me, this more opaque palette gives me the confidence to be experimental with makeup, without having to commit to the scary prospect of panda eyes. The colours are quite buildable, so you can find something your comfortable with wearing and then build it up more to make it a bit more intense. For £6.49 though, this is a really great investment to spice up your daily eye look.