Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Winter Sun

Now the colder months are officially here, our faded tans are a thing of the past. For me, having a tan can make a huge difference. I go from being a corpse bride, to a normal alive human being. I am not a regular fake tanner, as I rarely go streak free and the smell really bothers me, but when I'm desperate, I will lather up in some bottled sunshine.

I think with fake tan, money does matter, as I have recently discovered. Splashing out on a good fake tan can make a real difference to the 'realness' of your fake tan. I have been using Madame La La tan in light, which retails at £36.00, and is inspired by the rich and famous lifestyles in Malibu. This is quite a new tan on the scene, and is apparently what a lot of celebrities are using. The brand only has two products at the moment. This one, and the normal version which is a darker colour. The tan is in mousse form which is my favourite, as it's lighter and easier to apply. I find I get less streaks when I use a mousse and mitt.

The normal tan has olive undertones whereas the Light one which I have, caters more for cooler skin tones like mine. The tan is described as a DD tan, which stands for Dynamic-Do-All. It claims to hydrate the skin, rid of the fake tan smell, give you an even LA inspired tan, detoxify, and even have anti ageing effects on your skin. As I said earlier, this is inspired by celebrity tans, and has a celebrity favourite ingredient coco water to give the detoxifying properties, as well as a lovely coco-nutty smell. The tan claims to not have a fake tan smell at all, just the coconut scent. It does smell really really nice and sweet, but you can still smell the undertones of biscuits, even if its just slightly, but it only lasts for a few hours after application, after that is is scent free. The Aloe Vera is what gives the skin the hydration, and this in turn, will have anti ageing effects on the skin, as hydrated skin is plumper and fuller! 
This tan gives me a really lovely natural golden colour which suits my fair complexion. So I am a big fan of this! Another high end tan I like is Vita Liberata. It is quite similar to the Madame La La, as it has a mousse consistency and minimal smell. Again, this gives me a natural even tan that isn't to fake looking. The other plus side to high end tan products, is that if you use them a couple of times on one week, your tan will last for 2 to 3 weeks which is always great news!

As I have fair hair and fairly sensitive skin, I don't like to use fake tan on my face as it can break me out or stain my eyebrows and hair line. Instead, I've been using this Garnier Ambre Solaire gradual tan moisturiser for the face. I like a gradual face tanner as you have more control over the colour. I like my face to be slightly lighter than my body, because if I go too dark my makeup are then the wrong shades. When I'm happy with my colour, I just build up my blush/bronzer to match my neck and body.

This again, doesn't have a fake tan smell at all, it is more of a fruity apricot-y smell. As long as you wash your hands after applying, then you have a very subtle glow to your skin that you can build up each day if you need.

What are your go to tan products?