Tuesday, 18 November 2014

October Glossy Box Pop Art Edition

This is my last Glossybox now because I have been meaning to unsubscribe for ages, but they kept putting in little hints as to what would be in the next box and I couldn't stop! The Nuxe face mask is what sold me on this box, but now it's time to stop! The theme was Pop Art which again, really drew me to the box as its so fun and colourful. 

So Susan Mascara

I really didn't get on with this mascara. The wand's bristles were barely there, and it just didn't do anything for my lashes. I put it on once, and had to put my Lancome Grandiose on top because they didn't really look any different!

Rimmel BB Cream

For some reason, I had bad preconceptions about this product and I couldn't tell you why. I just thought it wouldn't be very good coverage and wouldn't feel very nice. I guess that is packaging for you! On the plus, I actually really liked this BB Cream. The consistency was more of a foundation though. It gave really good coverage and stayed put which is my only issue with some BB creams. It also had a very creamy consistency even though it has a SPF in which is good news for your skin in the future. It proved me very wrong as this is probably one of the best BB creams I've ever used!

Lip Exfoliator

I was really pleased to get this product in my box, as Autumn is the time of year I like to wear darker lipsticks which can really dry out and stain my lips. This lip exfoliator has an easy lip applicator which you squeeze on and rub between your lips. It quickly vanishes and tastes nice so it doesn't matter if you swallow it. (Not sure if your meant too but I did, oops). This is perfect and quick to pop on in the morning just before you apply your lipstick for the day, to provide a nice smooth base for it.

Yves Rocher Perfume

The Quelques Notes D'Amor is meant to be the fragrance of falling in love in a bottle. It is very sweet and has what seems to be a black current undertone which is pretty. It has Rose, Patchouli, guaiac wood, and simmers down to a very feminine scent.

Nuxe Face Mask

This Nuxe face mask is one that you leave on and wait to soak into the skin. I really like masks like this, as I slightly resent having to wash away a lot of product, especially when I have to go and wash mud out of my hair after some masks sometimes. This clear gel can be wiped of with a pad and some toning lotion. This is a soothing and moisturising mask, and I used this when I had some aggressive red spots on my chin. The smell was so fresh and clean and lovely, and you could definitely smell the calming and soothing ingredients getting to work. My skin felt really soft and like it has been really looked after from using this. I really liked it and have been using it regularly and will continue to do so in the up and coming cold damaging months. I really want to try more products from Nuxe so watch this space.

Ciate Nail Polishes

So it now comes to the awkward time I need to confess something. I actually got sent two Glossy Boxes this month which was great for me as Ciate is my favourite nail brand and I was lucky to get two different colours! I know its bad that I got box for free but I've been reviewing them for about 2 years now so I will take it as a personal 'Thank you' from them to me :)

Anyway, the two colours I recieved were 'Talent Scout' which is a cool deep purple which I used for Halloween and 'Skinny Jeans' a gorgeous flat toned blue colour which is my favourite.