Monday, 24 November 2014

Monty The Penguin Nails

I don't know whether it is because its exactly one month till Christmas eve, but today is the first day I have actually felt Christmassy this year. Although Christmas lights and TV adverts have been slowly becoming more concentrated, I haven't given Christmas a second thought. Due to this, these nails are probably a little out dated by 2 weeks, but my favourite animals are penguins, so I felt I had to do a tribute to the John Lewis Christmas advert somehow.

Here is Monty and his little Christmas Girlfriend!

I started with this white by colour club which I wasn't keen on at first, as it had a pearly finish to it. But actually when it was on I quite liked it, and I even got a few compliments on it as I wore it by itself for a few days before adding the penguins.

The actual penguins are quite different for me, as they're more realistic to my usual cartoony nails. I was inspired by a picture I saw on Instagram and thought they looked so cute and fluffy looking, so gave this technique a try. I used my black nail art pen and just really really lightly drew the shapes of the penguins. The light touch is what gave the penguins their fluffier appearance, as harder lines are more cartoony. I have to admit it took me a good few times to practice, the first one being this awful attempt on the right haha

They still aren't as perfect as I would have liked them to be, but for my first attempt at a more realistic nail art its not too bad, at least you can tell (I hope) that they're penguins! For the other nails, I just used the distressed nail technique with my cool blue MAC colour, and added some glitter on the top for an icey finish.