Monday, 1 December 2014

Glitter Gradient

Hello everyone! Today marks the official countdown to Christmas. Monday 1st December. And what better way to mark this monumental monday than with a manicure!? I actually did these nails last week and they lasted a whole week just in time for my Christmas party on Friday night.

I did this really simple mani using my red lollipops polish I got in my Glossy/birch box (I can't remember which) as it is such a good bright red especially for Christmas. I then used this 2 true nail glitter I got in my most recent Glossybox on a clear coat of polish. I dropped it on the ends and then patted some glitter down the nail to get the gradient. and then sealed it all in with another coat of clear polish.

This is a really simple look that anyone can do, and it would look great with all kinds of colour combinations!