Thursday, 18 December 2014

Day 17: Decorations

So sorry I'm a few days late again! 

I have seen loads of cute bauble nails this year, whether they're glittery, cartoony or quite simple. I wanted to give some a try, and I gave it two goes but they just looked so rubbish everytime! Instead of wasting my time perfecting a decorated ball, I decided to go with a whole new idea. The word 'decoration' automatically reminds me of a Christmas tree, so I thought, lets by pass the baubles and head straight to the main event at the top of the tree. Our household alternates between a star and angel on top of our tree (usually it is whatever my little sister makes in school that year), but I thought I would try a little angelic design, with a handful of stars thrown in for the hell of it (pardon the hell pun) 

This have me the perfect excuse to use the star polish from the Alexa Chung nails inc set I bought myself for Christmas. 

My gold Barry M foil paint is getting a lot of usage at this festive time!

Keep your eyes peeled for more designs on the run up to Christmas!