Sunday, 28 December 2014

Day 28: Sweater

Hello everyone, welcome back! Hope you are all over your food comas from Christmas, and haven't been too spoiled! Today's prompt is 'Sweater', and as we all know, the tacky, typical lary jumper is a fashion statement these days. The more old fashioned, badly-knitted-by-your-Nan, and homemade looking, the better.

I saw this jumper from Warehouse at work, and although I do not own it, I quite liked the colour scheme of it, so I went ahead and did my nails based on this!

I actually did these a while ago and these were the first designs I tried with my new Barry M Nail art pens, so I wasn't quite used to them. I'd have preferred the detail of the reindeers to come out neater, but I can always try again in the future!

 Enjoy the last few days of rest before New Year!
I'll be seeing you then!