Monday, 8 December 2014

December Nail Art Challenge

I am sure you are FULLY aware that is is nearly Christmas. As a nail art lover, you'd think I would be doing Christmas themed nail art left right and centre. The truth is, I actually really struggle to come up with Christmas ideas that aren't to obvious or overdone. Cue the Californails nail art challenge. I find nail art challenges really makes me think outside the box and pushes me to do designs I've been putting off or forgotten about. I always do the Californails nail art challenge as they're realistic and don't prompt for a new design everyday. As I'm sure everyone finds, December is a very busy time of year so a nail art design every day gets a bit tedious and takes out the fun of it!

I was a little late seeing this post, but coincidentally, I think the two Christmas nail designs I have done have fallen into the first prompts pretty spot on! 
1. Nature

2. Sparkles

It was meant to be. We are now on the day 8 animal prompt, and if I'm honest, this one had me a little stumped. I'd already done penguins, and I think the Reindeer is a little overdone, so that left me to think outside the box. I decided that I hadn't done a simple Leopard print design in a while, and it is always so effective looking. As it is December, I thought I'd go with more of a Snow Leopard theme, to add some chilly vibes to this winter time.

These are quite simple but I do think they look cool! I'm excited for the next few prompts coming up so keep you eyes peeled!