Monday, 15 December 2014

Day 11: Lights

If you follow my instagram account, (which you toooootally should) then you will have seen that on the 11th I was a little busy and couldn't get round to doing any 'Lights' nails. Instead I posted a throwback of some I did a while ago.

While I could have just got away with these, I really like to redo designs I've done before as I know I can do them much better now. So today I got down to it and did some new and improved Christmas lights, and here is the result:

For these I used the gold foil polish from Barry M, and then used the Barry M nail art pen in black to outline the individual colours I blobbed on.

I'm new to these nail pens as nowhere in my local town stock models own anymore (:( ), so I've been trying these. They are easier to use, but I don't think I like the finish they give. It gives a dry cracked appearance once dry, and isn't as fluid as the actual paint that comes out of the Model's Own pens. I will keep practicing and let you know if they improve!