Friday, 4 November 2016

Bliss Mask A-'peel'

Hi all! Today I will be talking about this new face mask just in time for #FaceMaskFriday

The latest mask from Bliss comes in the form of 'Mask A-'peel', a rubberizing peel off mask that exfoliates, brightens and tightens. The box itself contains 3 little pots of the powder so you can get 3 uses out of each box costing £20. Each pack also comes with a handy spatula to help you apply the mask, especially in the hard to reach areas such as nose creases. Make sure you wash the spatula off after each use as the mask will harden and ruin it.

To mix the mask into a paste, there is a water line on the inside of the pot, and you fill it up to that line and then mix the powder until it becomes a really thick bouncy paste.
Once the paste is mixed, I would recommend applying this to cleansed skin as soon as possible as it does dry out quite quickly.

I applied the mask on quite thick, but after about a minute or so, the paste started to dry up and became crumbly when applying so this was my end result.

As you can see the right side of my cheek area is applied thickly and resembles the front of the packet, however my forehead and left temple area is where the paste started to dry up again, so maybe apply a little more water after a while to keep it bouncy.

From here, you leave the paste on for about 20 minutes until it becomes rubbery and starts to feel as if it trying to detach from the skin. The actual mask itself contains detoxifying seaweed to rid impurities and deeply cleanse. It also contains Bilberry extract to quench and hydrate the skin, and finally vitamin C to brighten the complexion as well as gently exfoliate using fruity enzymes. As well as this, the actual peeling motion of removing the mask, will lift all the dead skin cells, revealing a brighter complexion underneath.

I found the mask naturally started to become loose when I moved my face around, so you then have the incredibly satisfying job of peeling it off. My boyfriend also did this mask with me, and he found a few facial hairs came out in the mask too, but other than that, it is a very gentle mask and won't pull skin that isn't ready to be lifted.

The result afterwards was really, really touchable smooth skin, as well as glowy and bright. I found I did have to put a little moisturiser on afterwards as I felt a little tight, but only because my skin is very dehydrated at the moment.

This bouncy rubbery mask is great as a general skin service, or if you want to look especially bright for an occasion, so perfect for the pending Christmas party season.

 This mask is so much fun to do and will leave you with a spring in your step!