Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Soaper Duper

I am so excited to finally be able to write about this brand!
If you have been keeping up with my blog then you may have seen that I have been interning at a Beauty PR company (if you want to read the post then click here). Since I've been there, this brand has been bubbling into the success that it has become, and I have been able to see the whole process!

Having been sworn to secrecy in it's infancy, it is now out there loud and proud in the beauty world, and I am so glad it has been so well received.

Soaper Duper was created by Marcia Kilgore, creator of Bliss, Soap & Glory, and Fit Flop.
Her new brand is all about natural and green ingredients which I am such a huge fan of. At the moment, the range has 3 fragrances, Zesty Lemon , Zingy Ginger and Fruity Tuberose. There is a body wash in each range, and then various little extras.

The Lemon is the largest range so far, with a body wash, body lotion, hand wash and hand cream. As the name suggests, it really does have a zingy scent but not too much to make you smell like a lemoncello, as it has a verbena note to bring it down but also nuetralise and sweeten it. I have been using the hand wash, and I find it leaves my skin soft and clean, and without that stripped feeling a lot of foamy washes can leave. The gel like formula lathers up nicely, and leaves your hands softly scented. 

The next fragrance is fruity Tuberose and I have this in the body lotion. Tuberose is a love/hate scent, and unfortunately it is just one I can't seem to enjoy. Some people smell floaty and floral, and I seem to get rubbery undertones from the fragrance.

That said, this body lotion fragrance is one of the best Tuberose I have smelt. I think the pineapple really lifts it and gives it that light edge as like the lemon, it is very soft, and really doesn't have that rubbery smell. I don't think I could cover my whole body in it as I'd find it overpowering, but it really is fruity and light. This fragrance comes in this body lotion and a matching body wash.

Finally, my favourite scent is the Zingy Ginger. This comes in a body wash and a body butter, which is a thicker consistency to the lotions. I like this kind of thick butter during the colder months as it really helps hydrate dry skin. The zingy Ginger fragrance is like Christmas at first, very sweet and almost slightly cinnamon-y, and then as it is rubbed into the skin, you get a really earthy tone, and it just smells scrumptious! The mix of almond oil, eucalyptus and shea butter really nourishes the skin, and the twist of lime and grapefruit extract adds a fresh zing.

The whole brand is green, in terms of packaging and ingredients, and things like SLS, parabens, mineral oils, microbeads and other nasty chemicals will not be found in any of these products. 

Another thing worth mentioning is the price point of this brand. Usually natural brands have to charge more due to the expense of growing all the natural ingredients needed in the products, but this is really reasonably priced for a green brand, with the most expensive product being the body butter at £11.00.

 I can't wait to see this brand grow more, and expand to be a really accessible, green brand. They also support water aid so are just completely faultless! At the moment, Soaper Duper is only available in Liberty London, or alternatively be bought online.