Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hourglass Makeup

If I am completely honest, I had never heard of Hourglass makeup before I started working at Monty, who does the PR for them. A few days researching into the brand and getting to try a few bits, I knew I absolutely loved it, as it is a really luxury brand. 
If I was to describe Hourglass in three words, it would be warm, shimmery and glowy, and I hope my pictures will reflect this.

Since being at Monty, I was lucky enough to try some of the makeup, so today, I will be doing a full face in just Hourglass showing you some of the gorgeous pieces of makeup they have in an everyday Autumnal look.

To start of, I use the Ambient Light Correcting Primer. This obviously primes the skin but also acts as a colour corrector, and adds a glow to the skin. 

From Left to Right: Mood Light, Dim Light, Luminous Light

I have this in all three shades, but Mood light which is pinkier toned suits me the best. Dim light is quite brown, and Luminous light is a white toned primer for added luminosity. 

Next is foundation, and the Hourglass Vanish Seamless foundation stick is one of the most popular products from hourglass. The stick foundation comes in over 26 shades so is great for all skin tones.

A lot of bloggers either really love this product or don't seem to get on with it, but I absolutely LOVE it. For some reason I thought the stick would be really dense and hard to blend but it is really creamy and it has really great coverage. 

I am the shade Porcelain but you can get really light almost white shades, deep red toned shades and also really dark so it really does have a great variety. The foundation does have a Vanish Foundation brush that is sold separately, but I used my real techniques foundation brush and it blended out perfectly.

Next, I used the hidden concealer in the shade Vanilla for my under eyes and blemishes. I usually prefer a liquid concealer but the coverage on this is again really good so no complaints for me. 
I used my beauty blender to apply this as the smaller end of the sponges is perfect for getting into the smaller nooks around the eyes.

Next comes the real glow.

I use the blusher shade 'Dim Infusion' for the apples of my cheeks which is a quite a peach toned which works well for my fair skin, and the way it is packaged is just stunning.

I also use the strobe powder in 'Iridescent Strobe Light' for added glow

Finally I used the powder in 'Radiant Light' which has a slight shimmer, and sets the face as well as adding the dewy finish to the skin

Now the base is done, next is the brows, and I have been using the Arch brow pencil in blonde which I am loving. Usually I go for a more brown shade but I will never go back after using a blonde one (I know, go figure that the right colour would look better) but I usually get quite reddy tones in my brows when I use brown which shows up as really ginger in photos.

I love the way this is packaged, again with that triangular tip co-insiding in with the vanish stick, but it's shape also makes it really easy to get straight lines and angles. It also has a really chunky spoolie brush on the end which is really good at brushing out the brows and adding shape. The pencil itself is quite hard to I find I have to work quite hard to get good coverage, but that is quite a good thing as you don't want to be too heavy handed when it comes to brows.

I unfortunately don't have any eye products from Hourglass to show you, so I've just used my regular eye makeup products which, at the moment, are the Lancome Grandiose Liner which you can read a review of here, and also the Smash Box full exposure mascara which I got in their recent gift set which I will review soon!

Although I don't have eye makeup to show, I do have some lip products, and since I have been obsessing over Autumnal berry shades recently, I thought this liner and matching matte lipstick in the shade 'Empress' would really finish off the whole look.

And this is the final finish

I love this brand and hope to try more of it in the future. As a usual lover of matte finish, I love the way Hourglass has a subtle shimmer to everything, and think it is turning me down the dewier finish route.

Have you tried any Hourglass before? If so let me know what I should try next!