Monday, 14 November 2016

'Heirloom' swatch by Ciate

I think I may have found my favourite Autumn/ Winter nail polish...
Correction: I think I may have found my favourite nail polish EVER! That's right, I said it!
I have probably said this before, but this time I really mean it!

I have had a love affair with this polish for a very long time.
It started when I saw it swatched a few years back, and ever since that day I pined over it, but I swore I'd never be lucky enough to have such a polish in my collection.
I knew every year it made a feature in the Ciate advent colour, and therefore I thought it would only be available through that, until one day this year, on a cold winters morning, I decided to venture into the online world of finding it.

I couldn't find her at first, but after searching through the riff raff of glitter polishes that try too hard, I found her there, waiting to be purchased on some obscure online site. I had my doubts, I did, as such a gem could not be so accessible surely? But alas, there she was, waiting to be taken.
I punched in my card details with the hope that such a polish would arrive as soon as possible.

They say good things come to those who wait, and indeed it is true. 

I am jealous of my own hands in these pictures it just looks utterly fabulous!!

Heirloom by Ciate is a dual toned nail varnish and it is sheer perfection. The glitter formula is so fine that every grain of glitter refracts the gold pink tones which make it extra sparkly, and put over a black base as I have here, I honestly can't keep my eyes of it.
It really is my favourite nail varnish. For just £9, I can see this being a polish I buy over and over again.

The reason I know I love it it because:

  • I have worn it three times consecutively which I never do.
  • I haven't added any nail art to it because I think it is honestly just so flawless on it's own.
  • And lastly, I usually hate glitter polishes because of the removal, but as I said above, I have worn it THREE times since I got it, and as the glitter is so fine, the removal is no chore whatsoever.

When it starts to chip it genuinely makes me really sad about my hands, and sad for the people who didn't get to witness it in its best state.

Here are some snaps from my SLR camera but I think it doesn't show them of as nicely as the iphone camera.

Pictures do it no justice, it is simply marvelous.