Monday, 15 July 2013

Barry M Confetti Polishes

As I said in a Facebook post the other day , I have become really slack with my regular posting recently, and I have had these Barry M polishes for weeks and weeks now and I can't believe I haven't reviewed them yet! 

As some of you may know already, these polishes are very similar to the Nails Inc feather range. I personally didn't think that 'feather' was the correct word for the effect the little bits created, but I was still desperate to get my hands on them, however at £11.00 a pot, I was having to save up my pennies. As you can imagine, I was so happy to see that Barry M had bought out a similar effect, and I think that 'confetti' is a much better word for the effect. If you read my blog, then you will know I did a battle of the brands to see if price made a difference to the quality of nail polish. For that post I did Nails Inc VS Barry M with magnetic polishes and on that occasion, Barry M came out on top. This made me feel a lot better about buying the whole range of confetti polishes from Barry M at just £20.00, where that wouldn't even get me two polishes from Nails Inc! I also prefer the colours of the Barry M collection to the Nails Inc ones.

Nails Inc Feather Effects. Picture from

These effects are created but using little rectangles of different colours. There are lots of different ways to wear the polish. You can opt to have a couple of coats over a colour that matches, over colours that don't match, layer up different polishes from the range, or I chose to layer the coats up to create the look the bottle gives. I used about six coats when creating these looks. They really don't look that good if you just do one coat, and you have to get to grips with the awkward application. They dry really quickly though so six layers takes no time at all. You also don't need a top coat as the bits are bound together with an already clear polish, but you could if you wanted extra protection.

Here are the swatches of the individual colours.

Sour Apple
This is one of my favourite from the collection. I would happily wear this on all of my fingers as it had a good depth to the green and yellow colours.


Dolly Mixture
This is more of a paler colour which I would prefer on my hands when I had more of a tan. The texture is made up of yellow, blue, light green and orange sprinkles. It is the polish with the most colours.


Again this is a paler colour which I'd like with more of a tan, especially to make the white sprinkles contrast with the pale pink more. A nice compromise for a pastel pink which is in fashion this summer.


This is another of my favourites. The bright blue really pops in contrast to the white flakes. A nice bright summer colour.


This is the polish I didn't think I would like, but it actually looks really cool on the nail! It reminds me a bit of the L'oreal confetti effect. The contrast of the black and white is classic but it still surprised me at how chic it looks.

Sally Hansen is a brand I still need to explore, but they too have their 'fuzzy polish' which is exactly the same effect, and has basically the same colours as Barry M. I do like the look of the orange colour Sally Hansen's collection has though. These polishes are £6.99 each, so Barry M is still on top with its cheap prices.
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