Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Jessica Limited Edition Summer Colours

Pink Shockwaves
This colour somehow manages to look hot pink but almost pastel at the same time. It's a cool bubblegum colour and would look great worn on the beach.

Atomic Red
I absolutely love this red. It is like no other red I've seen before. It has hints of orange and coral and is a polish I will be saving up for.

Love her or hate her, Jessie J caused quite a trend in the nail world when she wore green nails on 'The Voice UK'. Ever since then green nail polish has become the in thing, and this polish certainly does not disappoint.  I think you'd have to be quite confident to wear it but it would definitely look amazing.

Yellow Lightning
Finally this bright yellow is another one to be worn with confidence. I personally have never worn yellow polish because I was always told yellow washed me out, but if I ever get a tan this summer, I will certainly be trying this one out as I think it would look so chic. This yellow just summaries summer for me!

Jessie J showing off her green nail polish, similar to 'Radioactive'