Sunday, 21 July 2013

Revlon Moon Candy

Another product I bought absolutely ages ago is the Revlon Moon Candy collection. I saw the lovely Emma Stone modelling their new nail art duos in a magazine and rushed out to buy some. 

picture taken

For £7.99 each, I couldn't afford the whole collection so I just bought my favourite three, (from top to bottom) Galactic, Eclipse and Satellite. Sound like a new Twilight Saga don't they?

On reflection I wish I bought some colours that differed a little more, but oh well! I read some reviews that the top coat with the flakes in, tended to smudge the underneath coat if you applied it too soon. I didn't have this problem at all. I applied two coats of the base coat, and by the time I finished that, I went and put the top coat straight on and had no problems. A lot of reviews have also said that that it looks untidy and messy. I think that if you just do one coat of the top coat, it will look slightly random and untidy. I again, applied two coats of the top coat, and used strategic coats to make sure the flakes were evenly distributed. Personally, I don't think the look is messy. The ultra dark base coats help the flakes shine out more to create a more dramatic contrast.


Galactic has a dark blue base coat that is lifted by the light blue flakes. I think this one is my favourite of the three I bought.


The Eclipse duo has a very deep purple which is very pretty. The flakes on this were a little disappointing as they didn't show up very much, but nevertheless, it is a more subtle look which looks good reflecting under lights.


This is the most dramatic look of the three I have. The base colour is a very dark red with brown hues. It is a very dark berry colour. The bright gold flakes create a real contrast to the nail colour.

To smooth out the nails after the flakes, I used one clear coat of Leighton Denny 'One for all' and finally used Mavala oil seal drier to make it touch dry, and to moisturise cuticles.