Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Glastonbury Essentials

Apologies for being quiet the last few days! The truth is, I was lucky enough to go to Glastonbury festival, and as much as I love my blog, I needed a few days escape! Anyway I'm back now so I thought a good post would to be to share my festival essentials with you! They are probably products you have all used before as they're mostly high street brands, that don't cost too much but here is what I took with me.

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo- This product is a life saver for boys and girls travelling to places with minimal shower usage. My hair is quite thick so I only used it once, but for people who suffer with thin hair or hair that gets greasy easily, its a great product to pack as it makes it look clean and adds a bit of volume I find too.

2. Ren Photoactive Sun Veil- Again, this is product that I didn't use as much as I should have and as a result I got a very burnt nose! However, this SPF 15 is a lightweight cream to put over moisturiser and under makeup, and is not as harsh on the skin on your face as normal sun screen.

3. Garnier BB Cream in Light- This is the first BB cream that I ever got and I love it. The smell is really summery, and the colour is perfect for my skin. When I go to a festival I am a au natural girl and cannot be bothered with makeup. In fact any opportunity I get to not wear makeup I won't. Therefore this is a great product to give you the glow of foundation but not the heavy feeling of it.

4. Ultrasun SPF 30 Sun Cream- This sun cream is amazing! It's only needs to be applied once a day and then its done its job. The sports formula which I have, tricks your body into thinking it is water due to its water like consistency, so your skin absorbs it for 12 hours before releasing it again. I used it on my body everyday and didn't burn at all even in the blazing sun all day. The smell when it first touches the skin is very alcoholic and a bit off putting but it is a natural product and once absorbed is is scentless. The only reason I didn't put it on my face was because of the smell, however maybe I should have!

5. Tangle Teezer- This hair brush is my hero, my thick matted rat tails were sorted pretty sharpish with this brush and with minimum pain. This brush is an essential for every girl and it is easy to slip into a handbag.

6. Simple Cleansing Wipes- These are a great alternative to a cleanser if your going away and need somthing travel sized. 'Simple' is a brand that aims to look after sensitive skin and use minimal chemicals, so these wipes are a great way to remove makeup and cleanse skin without damaging the skin to much. With my sunburnt nose these were a lifesaver as they're cooling as well.