Thursday, 2 July 2015

Clarins Sun Care

I may be wrong, but from the multiple Facebook updates, sunny snap chats and hashtags about how sweaty it is to sleep, I think it may be hot in England??!?

Now I'm happy for you all, really I am, it's not like I saved up for two years to travel around the world chasing the sun, when it is just as hot at home. Really, I'm not full of resent at all...

However, with great heat comes great responsibility, and with days at the park or on the beach with minimal clothing, we must remember to apply our SPFs, as red skin is not red hot sexy. Enter, Clarins sun care

I did a post on a Clarins face mask I recived in my leaving box from work which you may have read. In the post, I explained how I had never been drawn to Clarins as a brand, and was pleasantly surprised by the hydrating face mask I received. I don't know why I say 'pleasantly surprised' about Clarins, when it is one of the biggest beauty houses in the world, I have just always assumed their products are a little clinical.

Similarly with these products, I also got these in my leaving box made by the lovely people at work, as they knew my  pale English skin would take a battering from all the foreign heat I would get.

The Clarins sun care once again gaveme a pleasant experience, with the most amazing smell and light weight cream. I had to wrestle it off my boyfriend, who many a time would apply it just for the creamy summer smell!

I used most of this in Fiji, where the days where spend mostly lazing on the beach, under the scorching sun. I applied as soon as I got onto the beach, as the cream didn't stick to the sand and sunk into my skin almost instantly. I think spending more on your suncare is well worth doing, as no one likes applying it if we are all honest with ourselves. The Clarins sun care took the chore out of doing the mandatory regime, and made it far more enjoyable.

By spending more you also gain added benefits with suncare. For example, the Clarins sun care uses the technology it uses in its other skincare, to help reduce ageing skin, which is almost crazy to think when you are lying there in the sun, skins worst enemy! It contains aloe vera which cools the skin, and baobab extract, which is from the tree of life, named aptly because it can repair any damage to itself, and the extract will do the same for your skin. It's formula makes sure you get an even golden tan, however this will only be achieved if you reapply throughout the day.

I would highly recommend the Clarins sun care, as it feels like a moisturiser for your skin and takes the effort out of applying sun cream. It also has an added bonus of not stinging if you get it in your eyes, so is great option for kids too.

Enjoy the sun everyone, but remember to do so safely! Drink lots of water and stay out of the sun around midday.