Sunday, 26 July 2015

Lush "Shine So Bright"

Hi everyone, if you have my Instagram you will have seen that this week I am starting hair week. Although in my last post I said I had nothing to review product wise, I have managed to accumulate lots of hair products over the last few weeks so thought it would be a good event!

One product I have had for the duration of my travels however, is this Lush 'Shine so Bright' pot which was a leaving gift from a lovely little friend. She said it would help smooth down and prevent my inevitable split ends for when I can't get my hair cut.

Being a Lush product, it is all natural and smelling lovely. The scent is Neroli which is one of my favourite smells, and it lasts in your hair all day. The grapefruit mixed with orange flower makes your hair feel zesty and fresh. 
The balm comes in a little tin and to be honest, I have been using this product wrong for a very long time! Before, I would rub the balm with a finger, and smooth down the ends of my hair at a very slow pace, but after a bit of research, I found this video on YouTube made by Erica Vega -a sassy Lush lover- ,which revolutionized the ability of this product!

As she says in the video, the balm contains coconut oil (my favourite oil from the nut world!), Shea butter and Olive Oil.

By rubbing the balm onto the hands, you can work the product into the whole of your hair, and as you rub the balm on your warm skin, it melts and becomes easier to work with. As Erica also points out, it is great for taming flyaways so I regularly use this on the fluffy baby hair I have around my face if I am wearing my hair up, as it is a non greasy way to stick down any hair.

This little balm is great to throw in your handbag and is only for £4.00. It will be a great product to carry around in the summer when the humidity starts to rise and take over your hair!