Monday, 27 July 2015

Hair Plopping

Hair plopping is something I have only heard of recently, but apparently it has been a thing for a while now. Designed to give you bouncy rolling waves, hair plopping accentuates the natural curl to your hair without using heat or styling.

That said, to get this effect you have to prepare to look like a bit of an arse for at least 8 hours.

In order to plop your hair, you must wash as you usually would, and then squeeze out the excess water. From here, you brush your hair to untangle, then must find an old t shirt, and flip your hair forward and lower your head into the towel, hence the 'plopping'. Fold back the long part of the tshirt and tie the sleeves round to the back of your head to secure your Tshirt Turban, and you should look a little something like this. My boyfriend kindly told me I looked like a pirate!

I washed my hair in the morning and left my hair to dry in this turban for about 8 hours. When I unravelled, this was the effect.

My natural wave was definitly more obvious, and my curls were untangled and bouncy and not artificial looking or frizzy. It was still slightly wet so I blowdried my hair which ruined the look a bit, so I would advise putting in some product in your hair to keep the hold.

I tried plopping my hair overnight but found it didn't actually work as well even though most people advise to do it overnight. I found I just woke up with my hair still wet, my t shirt turban hanging off my head and having bags under my eyes from a restless sleep!

As I said before, plopping is designed to accentuate natural curls, so if you have naturally very straight hair, you may need to use some kind of product to help add some curl. I've tried FrizzEase dream curls styling spray before which leaves a wavy finish and also has a good hold.
I think using product in general will always help hair achieve a more curled look. Next time I 'plop' my hair (it sounds so funny) I'll probably use product. Although the effects haven't been too dramatic in my hair, I have seen it work wonders with some videos on YouTube. My hair is very thick so it never fully dries properly in the T shirt which is why I often have to resort to using heat. I will continue to use the plopping technique, but may invest in some products to help add some oomph.