Friday, 31 July 2015


Invisibobbles have been on the market for a while now, and have been said to be a hair band that causes no damage to the hair, stops annoying kinks in your hair after long use, and to not pull or create split ends. They cost £3.75 in boots, and I tried them because I often get headaches when wearing my hair up as my hair is very thick and heavy so can cause real strain on my scalp.
I am unsure how the spiral design prevents tangles, because you'd think it would cause more, but it claims to be compatible with all hair types.

I found when wearing my Invisibobble, there were no tracesn of kinks afterwards at all, however I still had the same problems I usually do with normal hair bands unfortunately. As its a plastic material, I found I still got headaches, if not slightly worse ones due to the strong hold of the bands. 
I also find they get tangled in my hair very easily, but this could be due to my damaged hair as it hasn't been cut in. Long time so my split ends are very much there reeking havoc! 

I think they are a great idea though, and they come in a range of colours so are good for children. I will carry on using my invisibobbles but maybe not have them so tight, as the hold is really strong! If you have thinner hair I think invisibobbles would be good for you, as they should glide easier through your hair. 
One last thing I will say is, if you have them in your wrist, be prepared for people to ask why you have an old fashioned telephone wire round your arm!