Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Dove Hair Oil

So I have a bit of a confession with this product, as you know I am travelling Australia, and I have taken up a housekeeping job to work for accommodation. It isn't the most glamorous job, however sometimes you find some real gems when cleaning out empty rooms, that you get to keep for yourself. It's embarrassing and a bit skanky I know, but when you find gems such as this new Dove Hair oil, who is really the one laughing??
This Dove oil is selling itself slightly short by advertising itself just as a hair oil. As it is a dry oil, this can be used on the skin as well, and I have done so and it works nicely! The oil is made from African Macadamia oil, so obviously not to be used if you have a nut allergy. The smell is actually very sweet, and almost has a slight baby wipes smell to it (before use obviously). I have tried other hair dry oils which I am in love with, if you haven't heard me rave about Caudalie's Divine oil then you have clearly never read my blog before, but I would say that this is still nice.
Compared to Caudalie's oil which is a natural brand, I have a feeling from the texture, Dove is a slightly more synthetic oil compared to the natural oil in Caudalie. I think the Dove oil is slightly cheaper in the sense that it leaves more of a shine to the hair, so I wouldn't go over board when using it however I don't have a box so can't read the ingredients., so don't quote me on that.
Having found this, I have absolutely no idea how much it retails for, and the internet has given me about 14 different price points. I am glad I found it however, as Dove isn't a brand I would go searching for hair products in. As it is known for its classic white curved soap with the cut out dove, I associate this brand with soap and soap only, the idea of using their products before would have made me feel like I was rubbing a bar on me no matter what form it came in. I think like many high street brands now though, Dove have realised they need to up their game and come out with more products, and I think they have done well with this one. They're website isn't hugely informative about what it in the product and it gives a brief description of what it should do, so take it from me that if your trying hair oil for the first time, this is a nice one to leave at the ends of your hair for a little bit of hydration.