Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Zealand Forest and Bird Hair Care

Whilst in my travels in New Zealand, I saw these little travel shampoo and conditioners in a posh hotel. I noticed they were made from natural ingredients,  which im a real sucker for when it comes to cosmetics, so I snapped them up to use at a later date. 

As you may know, one of New Zealand's biggest produce is Manuka honey. The bees go to the Manuka plants to feed and it makes then produce this incredibly Rich honey which is great for the body and has healing properties. These Forest and Bird hair washes contain Manuka honey oil, and the smell is very floral, but also has a hint of the honey which is really sweet and pretty.

As I'm a poor traveller, I have been using really cheap hair care, and I've noticed a difference dramatically from my higher end shampoos I was using before. My scalp is really dry and was suffering from a severe case of dandruff a few weeks ago, but since using these, the oil in my hair has balanced out, and just after two uses I could see a difference in my scalp.
The conditioner has been equally as good to smooth out my ends.

What I absolutely love the most about these products, is that Forest and Bird aren't a cosmetics company at all, they are a conservation group who focus on conserving the New Zealand wildlife, such as the rare kiwi which is pictured on the bottle. A percentage of the money goes straight to helping New Zealand's animals, land and oceans

I think at the moment you can only find them in hotels, but if you go to you can see the procure there. This was a really exciting find for me, and I hope you are just as inspired and liked reading about it!