Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Caudalie Facial

I was lucky enough to be used as a test subject for a Caudalie facial the other day. Unfortunately I have no pictures for this post but I thought it would quite a nice thing for me to tell you about, and I will also leave some links to the website so you can take a further look! 
The facials are done using the products they sell on the shelf. It is a way of giving you an opportunity to see how to use the products, so you can walk out and buy exactly the same product rather than spend a small fortune on a spa product.  It is also worth noting that Caudalie have changed a lot of their packaging to a new green colour so take a look here to see the new products.

The first part of the facial was a cleanse, and they used the foaming face wash and mixed it in with the gentle buffing cream, to give a creamy exfoliator.

Next they spritz over the grape water to clean then use their famous beauty elixir to tone.

The next step was using a concentrate oil, which they use to do a facial massage which felt lovely. This was followed by a moisture mask which was left on for 5 - 10 mins depending on dryness. Whilst this was on, you receive a hand and arm massage using my favourite divine oil, which lets you explore some of their body products as well.

The last steps were wiping away the moisture mask, and following with the Caudalie premiere Cru eye cream and the tinted moisturiser. The premiere cru goes along the eye contour and feels nice and cool, and the moisturiser leaves you with a warm glow.

 What I liked about the facial was that it is to relax you, as well as educate you with their products. Before application of a product, they hover it under your nose so you can get a real sensation of the smells that the grape gives off. It lets you appreciate the smells of the brand when you are in a relaxed state and can focus on that, and nothing else. Another highlight for me was that my eye make up stayed in tact, and the tinted moisturiser made me feel like I was still covered up after. My skin felt so fresh and clean though I didn't want to put anything on it, and my circulation was boosted from the massage so I felt more radiant. I would definitely recommend a Caudalie facial if you get the opportunity, and if you really want to treat yourself, visit one of their beautiful spas.