Monday, 11 March 2013

February Glossy Box

I heard lots of people talking about 'Glossy box' so I decided to invest and applied for a monthly delivery of Glossy Boxes! If your interested in getting glossy boxes, follow this link This is the first one I received and I was very happy! This is the Valetine's day edition, and here is how I got on.

1. Fat Cat Mascara
First impressions really do count. I really like the packaging to this Me Me Me mascara so I already decided I wanted to like this! (excuse the picture, it has been in my makeup bag which always seems to give everything a foundation-y layer)

Unfortunately I was not overwhelmed with the actual purpose of the mascara! I usually use Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara which is fantastic. I like mascaras that dry quite hard and actually feel like their doing something. The Fat Cat mascara is jet black and has a really strong colour, but I found it didn't give my eye lashes much of a curl and left them quite straight. I do really want to like this mascara so will persevere, but I will only use it in the week when I don't want such a dramatic lash.

2. Helen E Lipstick

My lipstick is a shade called 'Caribbean' and I really like it! I quite like red and pink lipsticks, so this was right up my street! This lipstick is quite moisturising and doesn't dry out your lips. It also stays quite glossy so you can rub your lips together without worrying about it coming of! The staying power isn't fantastic, about 4-5 hours, but I do like my little lipstick!

3. MicaBella Mineral Blush

I am a bit gutted about this one! When you apply for your glossy box, you put in your skin type etc, and I think I thought I was latino that day because I put my skin tone darker than I should have. Therefore this shade of 'Terra Cotta' doesn't look very nice on my skin. I really want to try mineral makeup though as it is free of parabens and nasty things that age your skin, so it is somthing I want to look into more!

4. Narciso Rodriguez Perfume

This perfume is really fresh and light. I really like the smell and would recommend it for summer, but it also has a sophisticated scent which could be worn to an interview for a crisp, clean smell. Reviewing perfume is actually a lot harder than I thought!

6. Voulez Vous Body Oil

I was unsure of what this was at first as it was in French and just said 'body oil'. After a bit of research, I realised it is actually a sex oil made by a company in Paris, and is flavoured like Margarita cocktails. I would review this one, but it's just NOT THAT TYPE OF BLOG!