Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mavala Spring 2013

Another new Spring collection for you to feast you eyes on! This is the Mavala 'Chilli and Spice' spring collection, and they have gone very bright which is unusual to their usual pale and shimmery type. I think I have to say, that this is possibly my favourite Spring collection. As you may know, I recently went on the Mavala training course to become a manicurist, and this has HONESTLY not influenced my opinion at all. I genuinely think that the range of colours are a bit different from some of the other collections that have come out this spring! Although they still have their bright oranges and pinks that seems to be the spring trends for nail colour, they have an unusual twist on blue, green and purple. I like this collection because there are not too many colours, and the small six colours they have chosen, are really ones to die for! This picture below gives a better idea of the colours because my camera doesnt like up close pictures!

A really unussal purple colour that is a bit wacky. It looks really cool on and draws attention straight to the nail.

My Camera is not very good at picking up colour but this is actually a really bright post box red. It's like a classic red but brightened up for the Spring.

Again a really unusual colour but probably my favourite in the collection. Its a deep sea green but still bright enough for the Spring. I haven't really seen a colour like this before and I think that's why I like it.

The hot pink colour that is trending this summer. Bali is another great example of it. It looks great on and is perfect for the summer

My close second favourite is the Orange Jaipur varnish. I painted this on a friends nails and it looks so good on. It gives the skin a really warm glow and makes you look really tanned.

Trinidad is another unsual colour. I was sceptical about navy blue on nails but it actually looks really nice! Again I painted it on a friend, and on the nail, the colour isn't to dark and has a brightness about it so it looks quite chic.

Mavala colours are only £4.75 and little bottles so great for travelling and taking with you on holiday

*I do not own these colours, these pictures were taken at my place of work.