Monday, 18 March 2013

Dead Sea Spa

Today I will be doing another review from the Dead Sea Spa range. If you read my blog then you will know I am a huge fan of this company. To read about my top 3 products then please click here. Now onto the hair care!

Dead Sea Spa Shampoo and Magic Serum

 This shampoo is best used for irritated scalps that cannot take perfumes from usual shampoos. It alleviates dandruff, revitalises damaged hair and normalises oil and moisture balance. This shampoo actually left my hair feeling quite dry and a bit knotty. It smelt really lovely and it didn't fade my dyed brown hair which I was worried it would, and it just lathered slightly unlike a normal shampoo due to it not having any foaming agents. I think the reason it left my hair feeling so dry was because it actually gave my hair a really good clean! And I think it felt so dry because it had just taken away all the residue of any products used in it.

 The real success of this shampoo is when used with the very aptly named, magic hair serum. It has been voted 'best conditioner' by woman magazine for its anti-frizz and hydrating properties. It advises to wring any water from hair before you apply, and to massage in from roots to tips. It advises putting a towel or cling film around for 2-5 minutes to really concentrate the serum. I personally just rolled my hair up tightly and left it on whilst I washed my body. After the drying effect of the shampoo, I was a bit sceptical about how well it would condition my hair. I have really thick, frizzy, dry hair that needs about a big handful of conditioner every time! I was very happy with the results from the serum. It felt really soft and I couldn't stop running my hands through it. It sounds strange but it also made my hair feel thinner, like it had got rid of the frizz and like didn't have loads of product in it, just really fresh and free flowing. It claims to add balance and shine, and to saturate every strand of hair with minerals and vitamin B5 for added shine. It can also be used on dry hair to style and to promote extra shine, and it great for de-tangling (good for kids too as it is natural). I really liked it and would probably use it again as it is only £16.60.

Would you be interested in using dead sea spa products?

*I was given a sample size of these products from my training with the brand. My pictures are of the full size products to make it easier for you to find them on the shelves!