Thursday, 14 March 2013


This week at the shop I work in, the french brand Caudalie, relaunched they're new and improved product called 'Premiere Cru'. Caudalie is a natural brand that make all they're products from grapes and their extracts. The vineyards in France produce fantastic wine, as well as fantastic skin care. Each part of the grape has different affects on the skin such as anti-aging, hydrating, and radiance. The premiere cru cream is the 'everything' cream, that has all the ingredients mixed into one, to make this wonder cream!  At £92.50 a bottle though, it really does test your morals on how much you should spend on skin care! I have not actually tried the product myself due to it's price, but I can tell you it smells beautiful and has a really fruity grape smell, and is somthing I will try and get my hands on in the future! Here are a few snaps I took from the day!

Premiere Cru Launch

This post does not stop here though! I have however tried a few things from the range and was really impressed at the general feel about its fresh and natural ideas. The whole idea of creating a large beauty range from just one small fruit, blows my mind! I have lots of products to try from this range but here are some ones I have been using!

Peche De Vinge Shower Gel

I was lucky enough to get this as a birthday gift from the lovely girls I work with, as I had my eye on it for ages! The peach smell is so fresh and sweet, and I look forward to having a shower just so I can use it, and at £9 it is not an extortionate price for a natural shower gel. Unfortunately the smell doesn't last on the skin for very long, but because it is natural it is not perfumed. It will just have to be a little love affair you have in your shower.

Divine Oil

This is by far my number 1 product EVER! I cannot express to you just how much I love it. I will definitely buy this over and over again because it it lovely. This dry oil can be used everywhere. On skin, in hair, as a cuticle oil or even as a perfume as the smell is gorgeous! This is going to be my summer saviour, as it absorbs into the skin really fast leaving it smooth and looking flawless. If I was trapped on a paradise island and had to choose one product, this would most certainly be it!


Caudalie have many strings to their bow, as they also make perfume from grape! These three fragrances are all natural, so great for anyone who gets irritated skin from perfume. They're all light and fresh and are meant to represent the smells of the vineyards at certain points of the day. They also have the fragrances in shower gel form too.

The Yellow fragrance is orange and lemony and named Zeste de Vigne. Great for a summers day for a refreshing, strong scent.

The green one, Fluer De Vigne, is made from a tiny flower that only blooms for a few days every year. It is a fruity smell. It is very fresh and energizing.

The final fragrance and my personal favorite, is the pink fragrance, The Des Vignes. More of an evening scent, its musty and flowery. It is a elegant and sensuous smell and I love it.

I have a goody bag that I received from Caudalie when I was trained on their products so will do a post on the skincare when I have had a try! Until then, if you want to find out more about Caudalie, then here is their website