Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Caudalie Gentle Conditioning Shampoo

The Caudalie Conditioning shampoo is an antioxidant shampoo that strives to strengthen, protect and deeply cleanse. It is designed for all hair types, including coloured and is 100% plant based. The grape seed an jojoba oil have nourishing properties, and in true Caudalie form, the product smells amazing.
Personally, I wasn't amazed with this shampoo. I had to use quite a lot to get through my thick hair, and it claims that you can use it as a conditioner but I just did not feel that I could leave the shower with my hair feeling so dry still. Its a shame as I love Caudalie, but I think  maybe it should stick to skin care!

 I want to know which brands or products YOU want to know about! There's no point me reviewing stuff no one wants to know about!! So comment and share and let me know for future reference, what you want to know about, and why!