Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I have been really excited to use this product as I have heard really good things about it, one of them being "it makes your hair feel brand new". I have had my little of sample of this for a while and have been waiting for the right moment to use it. As my hair was stripped of the brown hair colour the other day, I thought now was the best time to use it as it is feeling a little abused!

Elasticizer was the first ever pre-shampoo treatment in the world, and has won loads of awards, including the InStyle award for 'best deep conditioning mask' for two years running, the evening standard beauty award in the hair mask category, and bazaar beauty hot 100. Elasticizer was originally created specially for Audrey Hepburn, designed to revitalise and moisturise her hair that was exposed to damage, from being constantly styled when acting. It works by moisturising the hair cuticle, and adding suppleness and elasticity but without weighing it down with product. It has been a round for 26 years, and is definitely Philip Kingsley's hero product. 
Shiny Hair! - taken from google images.
You have to wet the hair before you apply the mask which is a little annoying but not too laborious. You apply it to the hair in sections, whack on a shower cap and leave it for 10-20 mins. My hair is quite dry so I left it on for 20 mins. It is a perfume free product but I thought it smelt a little chemically, but nothing horrible, just standard hair dressers smell. I washed it out and I could tell instantly that my hair was softer and more conditioned. Your meant to use the mask regularly so I can imagine with prolonged use it would do its job even better. My hair felt softer, and generally healthier once I'd dried my hair, and it looked shinier too. The elasticizer also contains sunscreen so prevents hair from burning when being styled or in hot weather, which also helps maintain colour. I really like this product and for £26.25, it is quite steep for a hair mask, but it is pretty much the best one around! There is also the elasticizer extreme which is for afro carribean hair or seriously damaged hair. It is the same product, just higher doses of everything!

If your looking for a hair mask that isn't in a sachet and actually works, I would really recommend spending the money! If it was good enough for Audrey Hepburn, it is definitely good enough for me!

Philip Kingsley Fact: healthy hair stretches when wet, and really healthy hair can stretch up to 30% its length as well as being able to support 23 tonnes of weight!!!!

*I was given a free sample size of Elasticzer at my work place, but have taken a picture of the full size product so you can find it on the shelves!