Sunday, 19 January 2014

Day 19: Sweets

Hello there! Today is day 19 of the Nail art Challenge. I'm just over half way now! Today's prompt was sweets, and it instantly reminded me of a friend telling me a while back that liquorice allsorts would look really cool. So that is exactly what I have done this evening!

Image from
I wouldn't say they were my neatest nail art but I think you can tell what they are?! I think they're quite cool. I was originally going to do each individual sweet per nail but decided that would look a bit rubbish. Most of the sweets are round and it would look strange on a square nail. I was also going to get some blue and pink caviar balls for the 'ball-y' sweets. I bought some little ones especially but they will have to wait for another day. 

For these nails I painted a black base, and then outlined all the shapes I wanted to do with a white nail art pen. I then went over the bits I wanted with pink, blue and yellow nail art pens. I did the white base first so the other colours would show up against the black. I don't know if you can tell, but for the 'ball-y' sweets, I tried to dot the paint a bit to make it look like that texture.

I also got some batteries for my monkey blower nail dryer so thought he definitely deserved a mention in my post! He is so cute and I love him!

It is in fact my birthday tomorrow so I am very happy to have these sweety nails on my hands for my day!