Saturday, 11 January 2014

Day 9: Pattern

So today I should be posting you my 'Day 11 nails: pastel blue'. However, I have still not posted my 'Day 9 nails: pattern'. I can only apologise for my lateness, I have been a bit ill so haven't been as speedy with my posting as I'd like. I have however done my pastel blue nails and they are on my instagram page NOW if you want an exclusive look! Please follow me on there as I tend to put my pictures on there first!
I'm really enjoying this nail art challenge, because the prompts are pushing me to do designs I only debated doing before, and pushing me to think outide of the box a little. This design in particuar made me reach for my Wah Nails book and search for this Python skin pattern which I only breezed over when I was reading it before.

This nail art was inspired purely by the nail polish I had on that day! After my previous post of the Mavala Metropolitan Collection, I left on the Emerald Gold colour. As I said in the post, a lot of the comments I got wearing this polish were "thats very mermaid-y", so I thought my pattern post should enchance the mermaid effect of the polish even more. And so here are my scale nails that look slightly marine/reptile. 

This design was also inspired by 'Brit Nails' who stamped black over a similar colour. I was going to use my stamper originally as I want to embrace it a bit more, but I didn't have a plate with the scale effect I wanted. I just freehanded these scales with my black Models Own nail art pen.