Monday, 13 January 2014

Philip Kingsley Haircare

I have just finished using this Philip Kingsley haircare, and here is how I got on with it.


I have used the Elasticizer hair mask before which you can read a full review of here. I really liked this mask when I used it, it made my hair feel soft and a lot more manageable. It is a pre shampoo treatment.


A lot of natural shampoos do not contain an ingredient that is designed to make a shampoo foam. I am not 100% sure is this Philip Kingsley shampoo is even considered natural, but I can tell you that it did not foam up. At all. Not even lather slightly. Now since using this shampoo I have started using an Aveda Shampoo which is considered 100% natural, and this foams up more than this Philip Kingsley Shampoo. I was recommended the 'Moisture Balancing' range from a Philip Kingsley representative.
I am not going to slate a product, because what doesn't work for me, may work fantastically for someone else, but this Shampoo did not clean my hair AT ALL. After I had washed it, it still felt greasy. My skin has recently changed and become more oily, and I thought that my hair was getting greasier because of that, but since changing my shampoo, I could tell from the first wash that the Philip Kingsley was just not washing my hair properly. As the product didn't foam up, I think it got lost in my hair instantly, and as my hair is thick, it just didn't sufficiently clean it. I tried using more water, more product, but nothing happened. Very disappointing.


The conditioner was slightly better, I used it only on the ends of my hair and it moistures the ends to the standard I would want. I wouldn't say it was the best, but it does it's job as a conditioner. There was no particular smell or anything else that would draw me to it to make me buy it again, it was just a basic conditioner.

Daily Damage Defence

The daily damage defence is hard to review as it is a heat protector, and I can't really tell you if my hair was well protected or not. All I will say is that my hair has not seemed dry or burnt at all, and the little spray lasted me about 2 months.

Not a sparkling review I will admit, but I think it is important not to view everything with rose tinted glasses. I do look for positives in products, but I was actually quite relieved actually when I stopped using these. Philip Kingsley has been around for such a long time it feels almost wrong to not like the products, but perhaps if I used a different range from the collection I would get on better, but after this experience, I am not really interested in trying the Shampoos and Conditioners from Philip Kingsley. I would rather stick to there styling products and treatments.