Monday, 6 January 2014

Day 6: Sparkles

Today is day 6 of the Nail art challenge and so I give you my design for 'Sparkles'

For this design, I used Pink Gold from the new Mavala Metropolitan range. I will be doing a full review on this range, but this is just a little sneak peak of what you can expect! It's an amazing gold colour which turns pink under some light. I used this as my inspiration for the rest of the design as it has a metallic sparkle. I used Nails Inc 'Brompton Place' for the index and ring finger, and free hand the diamonds, using a pink nail art pen on the gold finger to make them stand out. Obviously diamonds sparkle, so I used my new Barry M top coat to add the finishing shine. The diamond design is one used in Wah Nails a lot so I took the inspiration from there.

before the Sparkle
finished look